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Welcome to Payne Palace

A Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge

This blog will follow each generations heir and her excursion to complete the founding mothers secret operation that has been passed down to each matriarch. To repopulate the world and save humanity by having 100 children. Can they accomplish such a difficult task? Will they fail? Or will they successfully complete a mission set forth by the government?

Follow along and catch up on the latest madness going on in the Payne household.

And don’t forget to check out the menu tabs.

  • Table of Contents: Need to catch up? Or just beginning? Here’s where you start
  • Rules: Self explanatory, read the rules I’ll be abiding by
  • Family: Here you can meet each generations matriarch and her children
  • Downloads: Like what you see? Like what you don’t see? Here I will post my origin ID and photos of my latest creations available for download
  • Fathers: Looking for a father? Want to know more? Go here and find out

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